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Pressure Washing of Chula Vista

Are you in need of a good pressure washing contractor? Pressure washing can spruce up a business or home cost-effectively and quickly.  

The exterior of any home is the magnet to dirt, pollen, and dust and this makes the place look dull all the time. Also, the areas of the house that are covered and have a lot of shade are vulnerable to mildew and mold. Maintaining the beauty of the house’s exterior doesn’t have to be costly. To keep the building clean and attractive, only regular washing is needed.

Whether its preparation for selling a house or it's just making the house look clean, our company will give you an answer to that. With the help of our technicians, we are going to first perform an evaluation of the house and then advise you on the best steps to take. Having an evaluation first helps the client to identify the total amount of money required. It also helps the client to save on the cost of doing it another time. The evaluation involves the external improvement of the building and identifying the cost of the renovation. The transformation involves the use of pressure and chemicals. After a few times, the house will have taken another amazing outlook.  

The following are some of the services we offer: asphalt, concrete surfaces, decks, washing, driveway washing, dumpster enclosures, exterior buildings, house washing, patios, pool deck and roof cleaning, sidewalk and walkway washing.

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If you are looking to restore your siding, deck, or driveway to their original glory, you would be hard pressed to find a more economical solution than power washing. Our expert team helps protect and uphold all aspects of your home’s exterior from decks, patios, and walkways, to concrete sealing, house and roof cleaning, and more. Cleaning pool deck is a tough job. Scrubbing, and brushing the deck requires time and manpower but our pressure washing equipment makes it easy to clean. 

We also offer commercial power washing services. We understand that keeping the outlook look good is more important than the business itself. Also, working within your budget is important and with these two considerations, we deliver admirable work. We make sure our clients are satisfied with the services we are going to offer. We have been pressure washing parking lots, garages, and commercial properties for more than 20 years. This experience has made us emerge as the best in Chula Vista. The reason why our technicians help our clients to save their money is that they are trained in working efficiently and quickly. To decrease downtime required, we normally work within the client’s business hours in case any of them occurs. We use our top-quality equipment’s to ensure we offer best services. 

We provide jet cleaning services. We are also the leading power cleaning service provider backed by 20 years of experience in this field. We have been the leading company in industrial and commercial pressure washing in the Chula Vista area. We specialize in cleaning mildew and mold from commercial and residential properties. 

We follow environmental regulations 

We aim to give an entire property a new look to guarantee the client’s satisfaction. Our methods of cleaning surely exceed the expectations of our customers. The objective of our company is to meet and exceed the environmental standards and compliance measures that are imposed by the government. We help our clients in averting liabilities by ensuring their building is clean, pollution-free and dirt-free. We always put our customers' interests and the government standards ahead of ours. 

We have introduced another system where water is recycled and then used again. The recycling treatment has helped many of our customers to save on the cost of using extra water. The idea of recycling water came about after realizing how some of our clients were suffering to get water. That is when we decided to expand our product line and introduce the water recycling system. What many companies lack is the importance of maintaining a good relationship with the homeowners. Customers are the backbone of every business setting, and so there is a need to care for them in every way. 

Our technicians are experts  

All of our technicians are trained and can solve the issues without any difficulty. They are also familiar with the modern machines that we are currently using. We only hire those individuals who are qualified with the required standards in the job market. They must also be able to help our clients in solving their problems and be a help to them and the company at large. Additional training is offered to catch up with the new job needs in the market. Our leaders are also well known for their work. They have won several awards throughout their working years. Today we are headed by three of the top engineers and we are proud of that. They help in planning and organizing new techniques like the recycling system. They are also responsible for the fast & effective implementation of programs in our company. 

24 Hours Customer Care 

To maximize on helping our clients, we have a customer care desk that works on a 24hr basis to ensure our clients are served with satisfaction. They help in answering some of the questions that are asked by the clients. Also, they advise our clients on which steps to take regarding what they have. Our technicians are equipped with trucks to enable easy respond to potential clients and offer help when needed. 

Additional Service Provided by Us 

Another service offered by our company includes graffiti removal. As we all know, there are many forms of graffiti: writing, spray painting and drawings. It can be drawn on both residential and commercial buildings. Graffiti has a great impact on decreasing the value of the property and can cost the owner a lot if not taken care of. We will spray the building to bring back the beauty that it demands. We utilize on the environment and use chemicals to remove those graffiti that are not easy to remove safely. Some of the areas where graffiti are applied include: office buildings, poles, medical offices, warehouses, walkways, sidewalks, churches, office windows, and parking lots, among other places. Covering graffiti with a spray paint helps to remove things like chewing gum which could be hard to remove.  

We Work in Chula Vista 

We offer our services in Chula Vista, San Diego. Driveways and flat surfaces- all of flat surfaces should be clean with the surface cleaner, not just a wand. Surface cleaner allows you to clean every single square inch with the same amount of water and the same pressure, and the nozzle is always on the same height. After water drives, there are no smears or lines in all directions. With regard to house pressure washing, our fleet has over 10 pressure washers, using hot and cold water, from 500 PSI all the way to 5000 PSI.  Our technicians are highly skilled and using the pressure washing equipment, we can adjust the pressure with just move of the wrist on our wand so we that we don’t damage your property. 



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